City Lights was designed, produced and sold through Minnesota-made, yoga-inspired activewear company, MAI, during Lizzie’s debut as senior designer in 2016.


This collection was inspired by the spectacular transformation of the Minneapolis skyline at sunrise and sunset. The city is overtaken with brilliant color, striking contrast, and undeniable bursts of energy, a true fusion of natural and urban environments. The sharp building silhouettes against a stunning masterpiece of colors inspire streamlined garments that exude a balance of vibrant energy and peaceful calm.


Striving to redefine the way active women transition from workouts to the rest of their lives, Lizzie designed aspirational looks for the masses that provides a clear and inspiring vision of this transition. She incorporated functional and aesthetic design details that creates crossover and in turn, cohesion, between the workout and lifestyle staples.


Each style was created to evoke a sense of undeniable comfort and timeless style. Bold color-blocking statements in both neutrals and vibrant hues create endless layering opportunities that inspire clients. Lizzie created ‘matching’ sets with widespread appeal and tremendous versatility. It was very common for a client to purchase a sports bra, legging, cardigan, and tank because of the thoughtfulr, irresistible cohesion of these full-outfit designs. 


Many best sellers were carried forward into 2017 and 2018 collections, including the Lynn Lake Legging, Silhouette Sports Bra, City Lights Cardigan and the Downtown Legging. This smart collection strengthened MAI's place in the market, broadened the versaitlity of all products, and served as a launching point for enormous growth.

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