Defrost was presented in MNfashion’s Envision Runway Show in April of 2012. The collection, designed in collaboration with Sara Lopez, reflects on the juxtaposition of a Minnesota spring: a mixture of an icy winter with bits of warmth trying to emerge & decay the brutal winter’s force.  By abstracting nature's organic forms into modern geometric shapes, Defrost explores new silhouettes and original prints.

Lizzie's sophisticated and dynamic aesthetic combined with Sara's playful, yet modern aestheic produced an eruption of energy and innovation with designs that incorporate unexpected details and imaginative silhouettes.  

Sara and Lizzie styled and directed a lookbook shoot with an architectural, modern backdrop design they built with photographer Rod Hasse.  




l'etoile magazine

"These girls are talented. Good color-blocking. And that cutaway shoulder – way to do peekaboo! No one has done that. And whether you’re a size 2 or size 12, that dress will look good on you. I think they could show this collection at the New York tents and get orders like crazy. And on this look, they took a simple minidress and added this waterfall of fabric. This stuff could be in Neiman Marcus right now. They know how to do things that are a bit avant-garde but wearable. They know how to pull back." - Richard Anderson, fashion stylist and interior designer of HGTV fame

"The design team of Sara Lopez and Lizzie Hillmann, both standouts in February's University of Minnesota senior show, were the most forward-thinking, showing a feminine yet futuristic collection of cream and pastel-colored looks expertly-rendered in pleather and stiff cotton." - Jahna Peloqin 

City Pages:

"The real stunner, though, was a set of very Judy Jetson dresses by Sara Lopez and Lizzie Hillmann. They were stunningly executed and managed proportion well -- not an easy thing to do when experimenting with large panels of pleather-like material. It was a welcome futuristic break." - Jen Boyles

Ruby Girl

"And what a treat was this edgier collection by soon-to-be University of Minnesota grads & London-bound designers Sara Lopez & Lizzie Hillman. I melted over the structured silhouettes, color blocking, and inventive shapes" - Lindsey Herzog