In a 2 week timeline, I designed, merchandised, and illustrated every element of this catalog proposal, including the costumes, catalog layout, choreography & photography concepts, styling ideas, and copywriting.  I designed a supplement booklet with detailed inspiration, trend research, and styling suggestions for each costume, shown at the bottom of this page.


Second Nature creates a head-to-toe aesthetic of daring elegance and dynamic modernity that boldly rivals the sophisticated artistry of the natural world. I drew inspiration from the complex beauty of biological and mineral nature, a driving factor of the "futuristic nature" trend in 2014 RTW fashion.  Second Nature pushes the boundaries of dance artistry with unconventional color combinations, unique textures, and original digital print designs.   

Because Second Nature champions a reconnection with the natural world, subtle organic backdrops and dynamic choreography establish this harmonic connection in a sophisticated yet understated way.  

Bold intro spreads feature on-trend 2014 colors to emphasize the theme’s fashion origins and boldly introduce each costume category. Second Nature also features new accessories and bold hair and makeup styling suggestions that reinforce the theme of connecting dance artistry to the wonders of nature.


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