1. Flavor or interest

2. A quality of excitement

Zest was presented in MNfashion’s Emerging Designer Showcase in September of 2012.  The collection is inspired by the emerging modern architecture that is adding a unique flavor to the historic streets of London.   During my stay and apprenticeship at Zandra Rhodes' design studio in London, I fell in love with the contemporary, minimalist bright pink and orange building that hosts Zandra's design studio and home.  The building appears to burst through the otherwise traditional architecture on the London streets.  

Zest's bold sherbert colors, window-frame inspired cutouts, and streamlined shapes reflect this sense of daring excitement and flavor. Playful accessories, including earring, bracelet and clutch designs, enhance each look with a sophisticated fusion of contemporary and historic elements.  

I gave my collection life with photographer Rod Hasse in a lookbook shoot I directed and styled on the rooftop of a historic St Paul building.  I envisioned a European backdrop that captured the mix of historic and contemporary elements in her collection, enhancing the vibrant color blocking statement of each piece.